The aim of the Bosphorus Culture and Arts Foundation is to contribute to the introduction of cultural diversity in Turkey on a global stage; to the sustainability of cultural infrastructures, productions and artistic creativity; the promotion of cultural opportunities for the youth and the masses by means of new initiatives; the establishment of communication, cooperation and dialogue between various local and international cultures; the presentation of outstanding examples of cultural and artistic productions, new initiatives and different movements around the world to art lovers in Turkey and Istanbul; and to make Istanbul at to the forefront among the world capitals of culture and arts; to the safeguarding of traditional art and cultural heritage; the ensuring of artistic production in various disciplines, and the development of cultural policies.

We also dwell as a priority on carrying out new art movements that may occur in line with the education, production and exhibition of arts, the hold of auctions and the future technologies and their outcome; while aiming to engage in technological and anthropological R&D activities in this field if necessary, providing all kinds of support to art and artists; creating accordingly a cultural network; ensuring a continuous and grounded interaction between national and universal, traditional and contemporary values through culture and art, and play an active role in the develop of cultural policies.